Beltra Fishery

2011 Catches / News

7th January 2012 - For those who are attending James O'Hora's funeral this evening can we gather outside the funeral home in Newport at 5.30pm for a guard of honour. Same tomorrow outside Glenhest church.

6th January 2012 - It is with profound sadness and regret that we advise of the sad passing of James O'Hora - Co-op member, friend and ghillie on Beltra for over 60 years. A guard of honouur is being organised at his funeral and it would be nice to have a large turnout. Funeral tomorrow and Sunday - Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

Eamonn Kennedys 16-pounder caught on a Jaffa fly on the 4th June, ably guided by Rocky Moran.

Eamonn Kennedys superb fish caught on the 22nd September.

26th November - It has come to the Co-ops attention that some members are not submitting accurate catch records when returning their log books at the end of the season. We have the catch numbers to open the lake for catch and keep but the only figure that the IFI will accept is the log book return. Please help us in our efforts to end catch and release by making sure that your 2011 catch return is accurate and sent in/amended ASAP. This is to all our benefits. If you need clarification of catches please refer to the catch log on this page for 2011.

22nd September - Congratulations to Eamon Kennedy who caught the fish of a lifetime on the Newport river yesterday. After a massive fight, lasting 50 minutes, Eamon managed to land the fish on his own. The fish was too big for the net and with the help of his hand he managed to keep it in the net. The cock fish was relatively fresh, only in a few weeks, and was very sportingly returned. A number of pictures were taken of the fish and estimates put it somewhere between 23 and 25 pound although it may have been heavier. We hope to have a picture of the fish on the website over the next few days. Well done Eamon.

19th September 2011 - The Newport river has fished very well over the past two weeks with a number of anglers landing fresh grilse as well as some bigger Spring fish. Permits to fish on the Newport river are available from Newport House.

27th August 2011 - Plenty of sea trout reported recently, heaviest 2.5 pounds. Malcolm Killian returned an 8 pound salmon. Newport river has also been fishing well with Eamon Kennedy landing four salmon in one day and James Herron landed a 6 pound salmon. Please note that all catches must be reported.

5th July 2011 - David Elis caught a 4 pound fresh salmon at the dock. Jackie Deffley caught and returned a 7 pound salmon at Walshes point. Several sea trout have also been reported the heaviest being a 2 pound fish caught by Danny Irvine. The runs of sea trout into the lake should improve over the coming weeks.

26th June 2011 - Brian Hope caught and returned a 6 pound salmon today. David Patton and Tom Higgins both had a 6 pound salmon and Kevin Gerry had a 6.5 pound salmon. Good water in the lake and grilse starting to arrive in decent numbers.

19th June 2011 - Frank Guilfoyle caught a 10 pound salmon today. Gerry Deane had two salmon 9 and 10 pound and Martin Killian also had a 6.5 pound salmon.

15th June 2011 - Peter Melia caught an 11 pound fresh salmon at the boathouse today. Tom Duggan also lost a salmon at the boathouse.

Frank Dooley about to land a salmon.

9th June 2011 - Brian Hope landed two salmon this evening at the boathouse. The fish weighed 5.5 and 7.5 pound.

8th June 2011 - Malcolm Killian caught a fresh 5 pound salmon at the buoy. Phil Donoghue also had a 4 pound salmon at the dock.

5th June 2011 - Martin Hughes caught a very fresh 5 pound salmon today at the dock on a Jaffa. Please note you cannot take a Co-op boat out without booking it beforehand.

4th June 2011 - Eamon Kennedy landed two salmon today one weighed in at 15.5 pounds and was caught between the dock and the buoy. The second fish weighed 3.5 pounds and was hooked at Flanagans bridge. Both fish were hooked on a Jaffa fly. Rocky Moran also landed a 6 pound salmon.

3rd June 2011 - Niall Berwick caught a fresh 8 pound salmon at the buoy today and Ian Conn also landed a 7 pound salmon.

31st May 2011 - Malcolm Killeen had a 7 pound salmon and a 12 pound salmon today, he returned the hen fish. B. Clayton landed a 6 pound salmon also.

29th May 2011 - Frank Dooley had a 6 pound salmon today and Declan Dooley had a 5 pound salmon also, both fish were returned. D. Hamman landed a 6.5 pound fish.

28th May 2011 - Frank Dooley had two salmon today 7 and 9 pound. Rocky Moran had a 5 pound salmon and there were two 10 pound salmon caught on the Newport river.

23rd May 2011 - John Campbell landed a 5.5 pound salmon (very fresh) at the Quarry yesterday. Ben Baynes caught and returned an 8 pound salmon also at the Quarry and Noel Napier caught a 7 pound salmon at the dock.

17th May 2011 - Eddie Gibbons landed a 5 pound salmon at the dock and Manfeud Bunzel landed a 7 pound fish at Morrisons. Both fish were very fresh. Lake level is well up in the last 24 hours.

16th May 2011 - Work has now commenced on the stream enhancement scheme on the Glenisland river. We have updated pictures to the gallery of the initial stages of the works, to access please click here.

Frank Dooley with his competition winning fish weighing in at 8.5 pounds. Well done Frank.

15th May 2011 - 4 fish today!! Michael Dolan landed 2 salmon weighing 9 pound and 10 pound at the mouth of the river this afternoon. Declan Dooley had an 8 pound fish and David Nevin had a 7 pound fish. Martin Dolan also lost a salmon.

14th May 2011 - Congratulations to Frank Dooley who won our annual fly fishing competition with an 8.5 pound fish. The evening proved the best of the fishing with 4 fish lost and several fish rose. Today Declan Dooley caught a 9 pound salmon and Rory Murray landed a 7 pound sea liced fish in Walsh's.

12th May 2011 - Didier Letourmy landed a very fresh 8 pound salmon at Morrissons today. All anglers must report to the boathouse before the start of the competition tomorrow for further instructions.

12th May 2011 - Anglers are permitted to keep a maximum of 3 salmon per day from today with a maximum of 10 fish allowed per season per angler. For the month of September the daily limit is reduced to 1 fish per day.

10th May 2011 - Ben Baynes landed a 10 pound salmon at Morrissons and an 11 pound fish at the boathouse. Colin McClean also landed an 8 pound salmon at the boathouse.

8th May 2011 - Ben Baynes landed a 13 pound salmon at Morrissons over the weekend. Please note our competition is Friday next and there are only a few places left. Please contact Michael Cunningham if you wish to take part on 087-7620245.

2nd May 2011 - Jackie Deffley had an 8 pound fish this evening in Walshes. Our annual fly fishing competition will be held on Friday 13th May. For more information and application details please click here.

1st May 2011 - Kennedy strikes at last!! Eamon Kennedy landed a fresh 9 pound salmon at the boathouse this evening on a Jaffa. Jackie Deffley landed a 7 pound fish and lost another at the net.

30th April 2011 - Pat Burns landed a fresh 9 pound salmon at the Boathouse this evening. Lake is at a good height and there are good numbers of fish in the system.

28th April 2011 - Jackie and Conor Deffley both landed a 9 pound salmon each this evening at the Quarry fishing a Bibio and a Green Peter.

27th April 2011 - Vincent Rigney landed a fresh 9 pound salmon at the dock today and turned another.

26th April 2011 - Jonathan Murray landed a fresh 10 pound salmon at Tommys wall today. He also turned 5 more fish. Vincent Rigney lost a fresh fish at Fahys point and turned another. A number of fresh fish were reported jumping today.

25th April 2011 - David Nevin landed 2 salmon this evening between the buoy and the dock. The fish weighed 8 and 13 pound and both were taken on a Beltra badger. The big fish was very fresh. David also turned 2 more fish. Phil Beirne lost a fresh fish at the net in Walsh's.

23rd April 2011 - Co-op member David Nevin landed a fresh 9 pound salmon at the grey Hay shed this evening. Mick Cunningham also turned a fish at the boathouse.

22nd April 2011 - Rocky Moran landed a 9 pound fresh salmon this evening at the dock. Only one boat fished the lake today.

19th April 2011 - Ben Baynes lost a fresh salmon and turned two more fish this evening. The lake is returning to normal levels again after the recent floods. If anyone would like flies tied please contact David Edis on 087 7533356. David's flies are of excellent quality and all proceeds are generously donated to the Co-op.

16th April 2011 - John Rainey landed an 8 pound salmon at the buoy today. Another fish was lost by the Dolans. Our annual competition will be on Friday 13th May, more details to follow.

14th April 2011 - Des Beirne landed a 9 pound salmon at the Forestry today. Eamon Kennedy and James O'Hora both turned fish.

12th April 2011 - Frank Kelly landed a lovely 12 pound fish at the Boathouse today and his partner lost a fish in Walsh's bay.

10th April 2011 -Aidan Beirne landed a 7 pound salmon today and turned another. Sean Dolan turned a salmon and Declan Dooley lost a fresh fish yesterday. The lake is still high after all the rain last week but is dropping slowly. Prospects are good for the coming week.

7th April 2011 - We have had a quiet week on the lake and angling effort has been low hence the lack of updates. We had heavy rain over the past few days and expect the fishing to pick up over the coming days. Newport House opened on the 1st April and had an 8 pound fish from the Newport river on the opening day.

Johnathan Murray with his superb 17 pound salmon caught on lough Beltra last Saturday 26th March.

29th March 2011 - Rocky strikes again!! Rocky Moran landed another 11 pound salmon this evening at Fahy's point on a shrimp fly. Our new secratary is Michael Cunningham and his contact details are and 087-7620245.

27th March 2011 - Rocky Moran landed an 11 pound salmon at the dock this evening. There was also an 8 pound salmon to James O'Horas boat today. We will have a photo of the 17 pound salmon up on the website in the next few days.

26th March 2011 - A 17 pound salmon was caught on the lake today. James O'Horas boat landed three Springers weighing 8, 9 and 17 pound. The big fish was weighed in the net and released. This is the biggest fish landed to James boat in 46 years.

Declan Dooley with a beautiful Beltra Spring salmon. The fish was caught and returned on the opening day and was estimated at weighing between 12 and 13 pound.

21st March 2011 - Following on from yesterdays fantastic start to the season its great to report two more Spring salmon caught on Lough Beltra today. Ben Baynes had a fresh 10 pound salmon on a Beltra badger near Fahys point. Rocky Moran from Castlebar also had a 10 pound salmon again near Fahys - the fish was taken on a Jaffa fly, an Eamon Kennedy special. Conor Deffley also lost a fresh fish in Walsh's bay. We have had a great start to the season and all indications are that the we have a very good run of Spring salmom into Beltra this year.

20th March 2011 - Congratulations to Jim Ruane from Castlebar who landed the first Spring Salmon off Lough Beltra this morning. The fish weighed in at 7 pounds and was caught off Morrisons. In addition to Jims fish Declan Dooley had a 12/13 pound fish at the quarry, Mel Parrott had a 8/9 pound salmon in front of the boathouse and Kevin Beirne had a 9/10 pound salmon near the buoy. Today turned out to be one of the best opening days in years and this bodes very well for the new season. Can all anglers please forward their memberships if they have not already done so.

20th January 2011 - The Co-op plans to develop spawning streams over the next few years and would appreciate any voluntary contribution from members towards same. We have also added a space on the membership form should anyone wish to make a voluntary contribution when submitting membership applications.

7th January 2011 - A very happy new year to all of our members and tight lines for 2011! We have updated the website gallery with pictures of the new Boathouse as well as the new lakside seating at the Glenisland river and the dock end of the lake. Click here to access images of the new facilities.

The 2011 fishing season will commence on Lough Beltra on Sunday 20th March. Applications for membership to the Glenisland_Co-op are now being taken. If you would like to fish the West side of Beltra then please contact Newport House.