Beltra Fishery

Glenisland Anglers Co-op

The Glenisland Anglers Co-operative was set up to provide anglers access to salmon and sea-trout fishing on the East side of lough Beltra.

The Co-op has recently completed the construction of a new boathouse as well as lakeside seating at the Glenisland river and the dock end of the lake. These facilites provide anglers with access to sheltered areas which can be used during breaks while fishing on the lough.

We also have a commitment to increase the numbers of Co-op members thereby increasing Co-op funds to help better manage the fishery.

Work has commenced on the spawning streams which will provide a safe and clean environment for our Salmon and Sea-trout. This will help provide better access to redds thereby ensuring a healthier population of indigenous stock into the future. All Beltra salmon and sea-trout are 100% wild.

A fish counter will soon be installed on the Newport river by the local fisheries board and this will help monitor stocks entering and leaving the Beltra system. The Irish drift nets have now been removed and no draft nets exist in the Newport river estuary. This has already significantly enhanced the number of fish accessing the system.