Lough Beltra (Loch Bhéal Trá) is one of Ireland’s most beautiful lakes set in wild countryside and surrounded by mountains on all sides. A rugged picturesque setting that offers first class salmon angling from the opening day on March 20th right through to the seasons close on the last day of September. For anglers there is little to match a day on Beltra in pursuit of wild Irish salmon and sea trout - it can make a lasting impression.

The lough lies 5 miles north-east of Newport and 8 miles North-west of Castlebar in county Mayo. It is 2 miles long by 1 mile wide and a boat with an outboard is the only way to get about. The fishery is divided East and West between Glenisland co-op and Newport House.

Beltra gets a large run of Spring salmon during March, April and May and a smaller run of grilse and sea-trout from June onwards.

“Few fisheries have greater potential than Beltra to quicken the pulse of the fly fisherman” - Peter O’Reilly