Beltra Fishery

2008 Catches / News

September 2008 Trout and Salmon report - The river continued to fish well at the beginning of September. Philip O'Connor and Tony Quinn landed three sea-trout, while Ian Holman had two. All were returned in accordance with the bylaw for rivers flowing into Clew Bay which prohibits the killing of sea-trout. Some salmon were also taken. Michael Croft had an 8 pound fish and David Nevin a 5 pound 8 ounce grilse.

Over the week ending September 14th a number of salmon and sea-trout were caught. David Eddis landed two grilse for 4 pound and 4 pound 8 ounces and released a sea-trout. Mr Botty caught a 5 pound 8 ounce salmon and returned a sea-trout. Paul Hayes released a salmon of 10 pound and 3 pound 8 ounces and kept a fish of 5 pound. Pat Smyth, Dublin, caught four salmon over two days fishing; two at 4 pound each, which he released, and two at 5 pound and 6 pound, which he kept. Jimmy Lawlor, Westport, released two sea-trout at 1 pound and 1 pound 8 ounces.

The following week Denis Coughlan and his son Brian released three sea-trout and Bob Hadden banked a salmon of 8 pound. Steve Jones, Dublin, had three fish at 4 pound, 6 pound and 7 pound and Patrick Munsell, a guest of Newport House, landed two grilse at 4 pound and 5 pound.

In the last week of the month Dr Noel Cahill released a fine 11 pound salmon and Mr J. Corry released a 1 pound 8 ounce sea-trout.

19th September 2008 - Steve Jones had 3 salmon off the river today. Bob Hadden had 1 as well. Two 8 pounders one 6 pounder and a 4 pound fish - all returned. 3 of the fish were fresh. Late run into the river/lake this week.

2nd September 2008 - Eamon Kennedy had a fresh 6 pound salmon at the quarry this evening. He also returned 4 sea trout.

August 2008 Trout and Salmon report - Local angler Denis Coughlan had eight salmon in the week ending August 10th, returning five of them. Denis took full advantage of the rains to make the most of the salmon run. The salmon he kept weighed 5, 6 and 7 pound.

Good fishing was reported the following week. Oliver Corcoran, Newport, had three grilse, while Paul Hayes also had three. Pat Smith, Dublin, caught two fine salmon at 10 pound and 5 pound.

The excellent angling continued over the week ending August 24th, most anglers returning their fish. Oliver Corcorans luck continued with four grilse at 4, 5, 6 and 7 pound, returning three. Barry Kenny released four grilse, while Jim Ruane had three salmon, his best a fine 9 pound fish.

During the final days of August local angler, Jimmy Lawlor, released two very nice salmon at 12 and 10 pound and kept a 5 pound grilse. Barry Kenny had two salmon at 6 and 9 pound while Mike Murphy caught a 6 pound grilse and a nice sea-trout of 1 pound 8 ounces.

21st August 2008 - One angler on the lake this evening. Lost a salmon and returned 3 sea trout about 1.5lb rose several more. Water receeded - you can walk into the car park again.

19th August 2008 - Mark Duncalfe had a 7.5lb fresh salmon on the Glenisland side of the lake. He also returned several sea trout. 14 salmon caught on the river last week.

13th August 2008 - Very good fishing on the Newport river over the last week. One angler had 8 fresh salmon in one day between 5 and 7 pound. No one fishing the lake at present although well worth a cast with the grilse run now well underway.

9th August 2008 - Declan Dooley had a sea liced 7 pound salmon off the lake today. Declan and his brother Frank also caught and released six sea trout up to 2 pound in weight. There were no other boats out fishing.

2nd August 2008 - The lough has been virtually unfished over the past few weeks with only a handful of anglers out. Heavy rain has brought up the level of the lake and it should fish well over the coming days.

18th July 2008 - No anglers on the lake this week. Sea trout are just starting to show.

2nd July 2008 - Eamon Kennedy caught and returned a 10 pound fish at Morrisons today. He lost another about 8 pound at the river mouth and rose 1 more.

26th June 2008 - Frank Dooley lost 2 fresh fish today. Declan Dooley landed and returned a 9-10lb stale Salmon at the bouy. More rain forecast for the next few days should see more anglers out on the lake and more fish caught.

25th June 2008 - Declan Dooley caught and returned an 11lb Salmon tonight. Frank Dooley also lost a fish. Eamon Kennedy lost a fish to his boat on the Newport House side of the lough.

23rd June 2008 - Declan Dooley had a 6lb Salmon and a 2lb sea trout this evening, both fish were returned.

22nd June 2008 - We had a big flood on the system today, the first in a number of weeks. The forecast is for rain over the next week to ten days - fishing should improve.

17th June 2008 - The Newport river is very low at the moment resulting in no fish getting up into the lake. We need rain.

6th June 2008 - Eamon Kennedy had 9.5lb Salmon this evening at Flannery's on a Green Peter.

May 2008 Trout and Salmon report - Markus Muller reports the Newport House reported three salmon for its guests in the first week in May. April and Edward Westropp, UK, had a fish each with an estimated weight of 8lb 8oz and 9lb, while Richard McDowell caught a 7 pound salmon. The Glenisland side of the lake also fished well and produced fish for Seamus O'Neill, Cavan (8 lb), Declan Dooley, Dublin (9 lb), Rory Murray, Portlaois (6 lb), Mick Cunningham, Castlebar (9 lb), an dJackie Deffley, Glenisland (9 lb).

Five salmon were caught and good signs of salmon moving were reported on the lake over the week ending May 18th. Westpor angler, Seaus O'Malley, took salmon of 11lb and 6 pound 8oz. Joe Gibbons from Westport had a 9 lb 8oz fish and local angler Martin Hughes had a 5 lb salmon. German angler, Manfred Bunzel, had an eight pounder.

Beltra had an extremely good final week of May despite the less than ideal weather. A change in weather conditions midweek coaxed more anglers on to the lake, which produced 11 salmon for the week. Steve Jones from Dublin had the best of the angling, filling his quota for Thursday with three fish of 5lb, 8lb 8oz and 9lb. Eamon Kennedy had a fine 11lb salmon, while UK anglers Ian Conn and Danny McAlister both caught fish salmon of 9lb. Danny was fishing an Allys shrimp.

April 2008 Trout and Salmon report - Markus Muller reports that on April 4th French fly fisher Dr Desmonds caught a fine 9lb salmon on lough Beltra, followed by another salmon just one day later. Dr Desmonds second fish weighted 6 lb. Angling conditions remained very good on the lough for the following week with four salmon caught and released. Dr Desmonds once again was successful and had another three salmon, between 7lb and 11lb. Finnish lady angler , Emily Ploeg, also did very well with a fine 11lb 8oz salmon.

The week ending April 27th brought great catches to lough Beltra with six fish released. Four salmon were caught on the Glenisland side of the lake. Among the successful anglers were Ronnie Mayock with a 10lb salmon, Seamus O'Neill with a 9 lb fish and Eamon Kennedy with an eight pounder. George and Edward Westropp, UK, fishing from Newport House, were also successful with fish of 8 lb and 9 lb. Please note that lough Beltra and the Newport river are fished on a catch and release basis until May 11th after which they may be fished in accordance with normal angling regulations.

March 2008 Trout and Salmon report - The season on the Newport river and lough Beltra opened on March 20th. The first salmon was caught on the opening day by Mr Nee of Athlone - a fresh fish of about 13lb from the river. Next day Pat Smith from Dublin took two salmon from the river - one big fish breaking his rod. On the lake a salmon was taken by Mr McClune from Northern Ireland, several other fish were hooked in addition to numerous kelts.

On the East side the Dooley brothers took a good fish. Mr Nee returned some days after the opening and took two salmon from the river. Mr Desmond, Northern Ireland, took two salmon in two days from the lake. All fish were returned. Catch and release is mandatory until May 11th. After the initial rush of interest the fishery is virtually unfished.