Beltra Fishery

Co-op Angling Regulations

  • Fishing season commences on March 20th and closes on 30th September.
  • All anglers must be in possession of a current valid state Salmon licence.
  • The lough is fly fishing only - all other fishing methods are prohibited.
  • All members must notify the Co-op before fishing each day.
  • Details of all catches must be notified to the Co-op at the end of each day.
  • All sea-trout must be returned alive.
  • All Salmon caught up to the 11th May must be returned alive. From May 12th onwards a maximum of three fish per day may be taken with a maximum of 10 fish allowed for a season per angler.
  • All captured salmon must be administered with an appropriate tag for inspection purposes. Tags are provided with your licence.
  • Shore fishing is not permitted.
  • All anglers must wear life jackets when on the lough.
  • The transfer of boats to lough Beltra from other lakes during the season is not permitted. If in doubt hire a boat locally.
  • It is Glenisland Co-Operative policy that all anglers read, and are familiar with, our saftey statement prior to embarking on their fishing trip. To download a copy of our safety statement please click here.