Beltra Fishery

Guiding Services

Traditionally in Ireland the ghillie is a much respected and knowledgeable figure amongst the angling community. In order to help visiting anglers make the most of their fishing time we aim to provide a guiding service that will assist with the booking, organising and overall enjoyment of your fishing trip.

As on all fisheries access to local knowledge can make all the difference - what lines to fish, what flies are currently catching fish and, most importantly, where the fish can be caught. Guides recommended through the co-op are guaranteed to have all the necessary skills required to provide you with a comfortable days fishing as well as the knowledge that will help catch you fish. Contact details are provided below:

Eamon Kennedy - 087 2069136 or 098 41229


Fly Tying Services

David Edis has very kindly offered to provide a fly tying service for all members of the Glenisland Co-op. The right fly tied with the right materials catches fish and David's flies are of the highest quality.

Flies are very reasonably priced with all proceeds going to the co-op. If you are interested in placing an order then please contact David on the number/email below:

David Edis Fly Tying - 087 7533356 or