Beltra Fishery

Glenisland Fly Tying Club

We are starting a fly tying co-operative within the Glenisland Club.

We aim to make this a collaborative group – not a class and certainly not just a demonstration. We want everyone to learn from each other so the emphasis is on improving your skills and hopefully tying better flies

At each meeting a fly or flies (salmon & trout) will be selected and tied by the person leading the group that evening and then EVERYBODY gets going and ties that fly. So you will need to bring vices, lights and materials.

The materials needed for the flies tied at each meeting will be notified to you by text or email well before the night so you will able to be arrive fully prepared.

We welcome committed beginners who want to improve their skills, but remember this will be a hands on group. There will be no place for those who just want to watch!

For further details please contact :

David Edis – 098 42787 / 087 7533356 or

Eamonn Kennedy - 098 41229 / 087 2069136 or

We look forward to seeing you there!