Beltra Fishery

Recommended Tackle

Beltra is renowned for its big Spring salmon and there is always the chance of meeting a large fish. A big number of Spring fish are into double figures so its important that the angler is equipped appropriately to control large, fresh spring salmon.

Early in the season a 12 foot single handed rod fishing a number 8 or 9 line will suffice. 12 foot plus double handed rods are also commonly used on the lough. Breaking strain of at least 15 pound should be used for all leaders. A slow-sinking or sink-tip line is preferred by most anglers.

From June onwards, a floating line is in order and dapping can often bring up the best sea-trout. There are seven islands, mostly off the south and south-west shores, and these produce the best sport for summer sea-trout. Beltra is not really a dangerous water for the angler who is accustomed to fishing a large, wild lough.

Fly fishing is the rule and the favourite salmon patterns are Beltra Badger, Silver Doctor, Black Doctor, Quack, Thunder and Lightning, Lemon and Grey, Red Shrimp and Hairy Mary – sizes 8 to 4. For sea-trout, the Bibio, Bluebottle, Delphi, Green Peter, Daddy, Butcher, Connemara Black, Black Pennell and Watson’s Fancy all work well.