Beltra Fishery

2009 Catches / News

5th November 2009 - Committee member David Edis who ties flies for memebers, and generously donates all proceeds to the Co-op, would like to be kept busy for the winter! David can be contacted on 00441708446016 or

4th November 2009 - The Co-op recently attained planning permission to re-build the fishing hut. Hopefully this will happen in 2010 provided we can raise the finance.

23rd July 2009 - Phil Beirne had a 7 pound salmon today on a Green Peter along the road shore. Jackie Deffley had a 4 pound salmon. There has been a good run of sea trout recently with fish up to 2 pound being caught.

14th July 2009 - Brian McGowan from Castlebar had an 11.5 pound salmon today on a size 10 Green Peter at the green wood on the road shore. He and his partner Eamon Kennedy returned a sea trout and rose several more.

11th July 2009 - Danny Duncalfe had a 9 pound salmon at the dock today. Jackie Deffley had a good week with 11 sea trout weighing between .75 and 1.5 pounds.

2nd July 2009 - Please check your boat if you have one at Beltra as there was a flash flood in the Glenisland river this evening and I understand a number of boats broke loose out onto the lake. Also the Co-op are pleased to announce that our 6 new boats have arrived.

26th June 2009 - A picture of Martin Hughes 15.5 pound salmon has now been added to the gallery.

10th June 2009 - After a long spell of dry and bright weather the lake has started to fish again. James O'Hora had 2 fish today, one at Morrissons point weighing 9 pound and another 5 pounder at Tommys wall, both fish were taken on a cascade. Tom Vesey also had 2 fish on the road side, 6 and 7 pound, both returned. With more rain forecast for the weekend we should see catch numbers increase.

29th May 2009 - Pat Quinn from Castlebar caught a fresh 10 pound salmon at the dock today.

28th May 2009 - John Dardis had an 8.5 pound salmon in Walsh's bay today on an Ally's shrimp.

27th May 2009 - 2 more salmon this evening. Declan Dooley had a 10 pound fish at Morrissons and Kenneth Killian had a 10 pound fish at Flanagans bridge. The lake has fished very well over the past week with good numbers of salmon now through the system.

26th May 2009 - Martin Hughes landed a cracking 15.5 pound very fresh salmon at the dock tonight on a Green Peter. We will have a picture of the fish in the gallery over the next few days. James OHora's boat also had an 8 pound fish off Clarkes point, again on a Green Peter.

25th May 2009 - Jackie Deffley had a 12 pound salmon at the Forestry and Alan Donoghue from Dublin had a 10 pound fish at the dock.

24th May 2009 - 2 salmon today. Michael Dolan had a 7 pound fish at Tommys wall and rose 2 more at the dock and Flannery's shed. Tommy Walsh had a 9 pound fish at the Quarry.

22nd May 2009 - Matt Higgins had a fresh 7 pound salmon today in Wlashes bay.

18th May 2009 - 2 salmon caught today. David Nevin caught an 8 pound fish at the Quarry which he returned and lost one more. James O Hora's boat had a 7 pound fish at Tommys wall on a shrimp fly. The lake has risen considerably over the past few days.

A picture from last Fridays competition of Paddy Kelly and his winning fish has been updated to the gallery - Well done Paddy!

17th May 2009 - Another 3 salmon caught today. Martin Hughes had an 8 pound at the dock and lost another at the Glenisland river. Eamon Kennedy had a 10 pound fish and his partner Sean Dolan had a 7 pound fish at Tommys wall. They lost 2 more and rose 2 more. Very good run of fish into the lake in the past week or so.

16th May 2009 - 3 salmon off the lake today. Michael Dolan had a 10 pound fish off Walshes point. Martin McCoy had an 8 pound fish at Morrisson's on a Green Peter and his partner Niall Berwick had an 8 pound fish also at Morrison's which he returned.

16th May 2009 - Paddy Kelly from Clondalkin in Dublin won our competition yesterday with a 6.5 pound salmon. Other prize winners were Frank Dooley, John Coffey, Henry Brawn and Niall Taylor. Rising water on the lake and an east wind made conditions difficult.

Thanks to Rocky for his hospitality last night and his sponsorship. Also thanks to our other sponsors Dolan's Joinery Dublin and Kevin Beirne Auctioneers.

14th May 2009 - EU funding has been secured for the Co-op and new boats have now been ordered for the East side of Beltra. We are also in the process of re-building the angling hut and renovating the Glenisland harbour.

12th May 2009 - All fish caught on the lake and river from today onwards may be kept in accordance with current angling regulations, i.e 3 fish per day from May 12th until August 31st and 1 fish a day for the month of September. Once the speciified number of fish are caught within the specified periods single barbless hooks must be used. There is an overall annual bag limit of 10 fish per angler.

11th May 2009 - Tony Quinns boat had a fresh 10 pound fish at Tommys wall today. A number of fish fresh fish have moved into the lake with the recent floods.

8th May 2009 - Ben Baynes caught a 7 pound salmon this evening at the mouth of the Glenisland river on a silver badger and he rose 2 more fish. Big flood in the lake over the past few days.

7th May 2009 - Glenisland Co-op have decided to replace the boats at Beltra. As a result the existing Co-op boats are now for sale. All enquiries to Aidan Beirne on 086-2361944.

4th May 2009 - Declan Dooley had a salmon today near the quarry about 10 pounds. A very fresh fish with sea lice. Frank Dooley lost a fish at Flanagans bridge. Please note all co-op boats and oars are now locked -Michael Barrett has a set of keys.

1st May 2009 - Ben Baynes had two salmon this evening - 8 and 9 pounds on a shrimp fly at the quarry and the mouth of the Glenisland river. Ben also rose two more and Niall Taylor lost a fish.

28th April 2009 - Phil Beirne had a 7 pound salmon at the Forestry on a Beltra Badger today and rose another. Jackie Deffley also rose a fish this evening.

27th April 2009 - Martin McCoy had another salmon yesterday estimated at 10 pound. The fish was taken off Morrissons point on a Beltra Badger.

25th April 2009 - Co op member Martin McCoy had a 9 pound salmon on the road shore today.

Fly Fishing Competition on Lough Beltra - Friday 15th May 2009

Our annual fly fishing competition will be held on Friday 15th May. Excellent prizes will be on offer and Glenisland Co-op would appreciate the support of all anglers. Thanks go to Rockys Bar, Kevin Beirne Auctioneers and Dolans Joinery Dublin who are sponsoring the event.

The following rules and regulations apply:

1) You must notify the secretary before Wednesday 13th May if you wish to take part as there is a limit to the number of anglers who can fish the lake at any one time. Please call 086 2361944.

2) Fishing will be in one of two heats - from 10.45am to 3.45pm or 4.00pm to 9.00pm (Not before). Entrants must decide which heat to fish as they cannot fish both.

3) Weigh-in will be at 10.00pm sharp in Rockys Bar, Linenhall Street, Castlebar. All fish to be handed in before weigh-in commences.

4) Fly fishing only, maximum of 3 salmon per angler.

5) Entry fee €20 for Co-op members. All entrants must be paid up members of the Co-op.

6) Each entrant will fish at their own risk. Each entrant must wear a life jacket.

7) Anglers must have a current valid salmon licence.

19th April 2009 - Sean Dolan had a 9 pound salmon (very fresh) in Walshes bay today and lost two more. Martin Hughes had another 9 pound salmon at the dock on a Shrimp fly.

16th April 2009 - Ben Baynes had a 7 pound salmon in Walshes bay yesterday evening. Rocky Moran had an 11 pound fish at the Glenisland river mouth this evening.

15th April 2009 - Phil Beirne had a 9 pound salmon today at the Forestry on a black Maria.

14th April 2009 - James O'Hora's boat had three salmon today - 7, 8 and 9 pound. They also lost another. With the good run of Spring fish this year both the Lake and the River are fishing very well.

13th April 2009 - Newport House boat had two salmon today - 7 and 10 pound at Tommys wall. Eamon Kennedy also broke in a fish at Morrison's.

10th April 2009 - Two springers off the lake today. Aidan Beirne had a 10 pound fish at the mouth of the Glenisland river. The fish took a Beltra badger. James O'Hora had an 8 pound fish in Clarkes bay and Kevin Beirne lost another at the dock.

8th April 2009 - James O'Hora's boat took an 8 pound fish today at Tommys wall. Decent flood in the river over the last few days as well as a high tide. The lake has fished well since opening day despite the low angling effort.

5th April 2009 - James O'Hora's boat took another fish today about 8 pounds off Clarkes point. They also rose another.

4th April 2009 - James O'Hora's boat had a 7 pound salmon today between the buoy and the dock.

March 2009 Trout and Salmon Report - Lough Beltra has seen a productive start to the season with some good salmon caught and released and a number of others lost. On March 20th , the first day of the season, Fergus Bain caught a fine 10 pound fish while on the 21st Dr. Noel Cahill, from Dublin, took the second estimated at 8 pound 8 ounces. Local man Eamon Kennedy also had a 14 pound salmon from Beltra. Mr Feinberg from the USA hooked and prematurely released a fresh salmon on the Newport river. Mr G. Booty from England, a regular visitor, released a good fresh fish.

Other rods had lots of rises suggesting there a good numbers of salmon in the system. Shrimp patterns were the most popular flies. Finally on the last day of the month Mr G. Booty released a further two fresh fish on the lake. Day permits are available from 098 41222.

30th March 2009 - Two springers were lost on the lake today, one at the net. A number of fresh fish were also seen moving throughout the day.

29th March 2009 - James O'Hora's boat caught a 7 pound salmon today and rose another off Clarkes point today.

28th March 2009 - Eamon Kennedy had a salmon just over 14 pound on Beltra today. The fish was caught on a shrimp fly at the buoy. Sean Dolan lost one at Morrisson's and rose another. Good run of fish into the lake this past couple of weeks.

21st March 2009 - Another salmon was taken on Beltra today. James O'Hora had an 8 pound fish at the buoy.

20th March 2009 - The season got underway today with a full compliment of boats fishing on both the East and West side of the lake. Gerry Deane's boat had the first salmon of the season off Beltra. The fish weighed 10 pound was very fresh. It was taken on a shrimp fly at Flanagan's bridge. A couple of fish were also lost.

10th March 2009 - The 2009 fishing season will commence on Lough Beltra on Friday 20th March. Applications for membership to the Glenisland_Co-op are now being taken. If you would like to fish the West side of Beltra then please contact Newport House.